Burandt Shredding Pow in November

Posted On: November 16, 2010
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Once again winter has come early for us this year in Colorado. Usually our winter starts with several days of riding trails as we wait for the deep stuff… but not this year. We started riding on October 26th and everyday we’ve been able to venture off trail. Now it is mid November and as far as the riding is concerned it is full-on winter for us and freakin deep!!!

We have had the new Polaris Pro-RMK’s on the snow and have been working with Erik at VOHK performance on cluthing and tweaking of these bad boys. I’m really not into the whole dyno number game but I will tell you this, I would put my new Pro up against any new stock or modified sled for that matter. We have also been doing some customizing of the sleds. Jordan from ArcticFX came out and wrapped all our sleds. Pictures of these sleds don’t do them justice. Thanks Jordan! In addition to the graphics, I have been working with RSI to develop our own custom bar for the Pro-RMK. This bar is slightly lower than the stock bar (yes lower) but with a profile similar to the stock Pro Tapers. For technical riding this handlebar is a must! New shocks from Fox also recently arrived so we will get those installed and dial in the suspension set-up in the next few days. Can’t wait to pound some holes with my new Evol X’s!

I know I keep saying this but the more I ride this sled the more I can’t believe what it is capable of. In my opinion, maneuvers can be done on this machine that could never be done on a stock machine in the past. Game on boys! This week we will be getting some of the first BoonDocker turbo kits for the Pro-RMK. Given the performance of this sled in stock form I can only imagine what it will be capable of with some boost. Its going to be sick and I can’t wait for the turbo’s to arrive from BoonDocker.

Last season we did a bunch of testing with 509 goggles to develop the Backcountry signature goggle; we messed with numerous combinations of foams and different prototype fans. This year is the first time I have ridden in the production goggle and I am really happy with the combination we decided upon. The goggles are working great, the fan kicks butt and I love the yellow lens. But like most things we can’t sit back and pat ourselves on the back saying good job, so we are already testing new prototype goggles for the future to further improve the goggle.

This season we are moving Burandts Backcounty Adventure into a new lodge and shop just South of Rabbits Ears Pass. The lodge has 10,000 acres of private land that will serve as our own personal playground and will only be able to be ridden by our clients. We can ride straight from the lodge and I should be able to get the group stuck in less than 30 seconds!

We are really thankfull for this early snow as it has allowed us to get a lot figured out before the work starts. Our first clients will be arriving just after Thanksgiving and from there forward we will be on the snow basically everyday till spring. New sleds, turbos, a new lodge and lots of snow: It’s going to be a great winter!

Chris Burandt