Randy Swenson pre-season update

Posted On: November 11, 2010
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There isn’t quite enough snow to ride yet up here in BC but we have been really busy with snowmobile events for the last couple of monthts. Here is a run-down on what we have had going.

Friday Oct 22 we had the Thunderstruck 9 Premiere in Kelowna, B.C. It was crazy……over 200 people in the door of Kelowna Yamaha Open house, Benefit for Blair Morgan and Canadian Avalanche Center. We did some good work and raised $3750 split between the 2 parties. Appreciate all the support from the sponsors and of course Kelowna Yamaha who hosted us for he kick off……….120″ screen with surround sound supplied by Wirehouse Custom Home Install. Check the poster for all the sponsors. Oh yeah…….509 gave out the amazing Goggles that are always in demand
Thunderstruck 9

Blasted off to Edmonton, Alta for the ASA show that night…..think I got to Revy just dreaming about the Pow piling up on the mountains. Rolled into the ASA show around 4pm for a quick rip around. Dan Treadway (yup im a fan) and the CFR booth was cool to see there. Check out my CFR racks on my little blue Nytro on the 509 Poster……Dave from CFR was stoked to see that. Seldshot Aaron, Stanger,
XXX Mod rods Brad and Brian , Scott from Diamond S, Phelan and Messinbrink from Team Thunderstruck all took in the show…….it was a great one.

After Edmonton we headed to Prince George for he BCSF Snow show. Drove through some fresshy so I was smilin’. My pals Erik and Alf from MCXpress Sweden mad the trip to go over the new Apex with EPS (Electronic Power Steering) I will be riding with their all new 290 hp pump fuel kit this season. Its all built with the latest CR Tunnel cap and 172 x 2.5 CE monster…….another week or so and we’ll test it

Headed home and then on to Vancouver to see Blair Morgan inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame. The guy is an Icon and sure was great to see him and his children make the trip.

The early snowfall is piling up here in British Columbia. After the Epic season I had last year, I am stoked to hit the Pow this month. Tradition is I hit the hills mid month with some hard core pow shots by month end. Been thinking about the next first ascents we will find this year …….Google Earth is a wonderful thing.

Please take your accredited AST1 Avy training early this season. www.avalanche.ca or www.avalanche.org will get you the dates and locations.

Going to be Rocking the 509 Aviators again this year. Love those Goggles and the ease of changing lens on the hill as light conditions vary. Yamaha, Klim, MCXpress, 509, Yamalube and Team Thunderstruck all play and important roll in getting me on and off the mountain each weekend. For that I am truly grateful. Check those products out!!

Safe sleddin’……Happy Boosting :)
Randy Swenson