Aviator Snow Goggles

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The Aviator snow goggle from 509 features a design inspired by the face shield of a jet fighter pilot. This unique styling brought from the aviation industry, provides not only a futuristic appearance, but more importantly performs even better in even the harshest winter conditions.

  • Design: Fighter pilot inspired design with rimless frame
  • Lens: Oversized spherical snow lens
  • Vents: 7 lens vents, 10 frame vents
  • Strap: Large 2" strap, triple silicon grip lining
  • Foam: Oversized, triple layered, moisture wicking
  • Nosemask: Large, oversized, and removable
  • Storage: Soft cleaning/storage pouch included (Hard cases available)
  • Compatibility: Guaranteed to perfectly fit all 509 helmets
  • Warranty: Industry leading, limited, lifetime warranty

The Aviator is engineered using a 'rimless' frame design. This sleek design minimizes the amount of goggle frame in your field of vision. By reducing the thickness of the frame, we are able to use a much larger spherical lens without increasing the overall footprint of the goggle. This maximizes the goggles lens to frame size ratio, providing industry leading peripheral vision.

The problem with traditional goggles is they tend to restrict your vision. We addressed this concern head on and focused on designing a snowmobile specific goggle around the absolute largest lens possible. The result is an unprecedented clear view, never before provided in a snow goggle.

Standard is a bronze mirrored spherical lens. This no fog, anti scratch dual pane lens features 7 vent ports and blocks 100% of harmful UV rays. The 509 Aviator is a high end goggle built with only the best materials and craftsmanship. We spared no expense and cut no corners in the design and development of this goggle. The attention to detail is second to none. Aside from the unique rimless design, and oversized spherical lens, we also focused on improving the strap. The 509 Aviator goggle features a 2" wide strap with triple silicon lining that provides even greater helmet grip. Instead of a traditional sewn strap design, we developed a "509" chrome strap emblem attached with a real leather backing. 509 Aviators also come standard with our famous removable nosemask, which keep you comfortable even in the coldest conditions. They also come standard with oversized triple layer face foam.

2017 Styles

Black Ops Aviator Snow Goggle

Carbon Fiber Aviator Snow Goggle

Whiteout Aviator Snow Goggle

Lime Camo Aviator Snow Goggle

Black with Rose Lens Aviator Snow Goggle

Non-Current Styles

Black Fire Aviator Snow Goggle

Chris Burandt Aviator Snow Goggle

Orange Camo Aviator Snow Goggle

Black Denim Aviator Snow Goggle

Ice Aviator Snow Goggle

Pink Aviator Snow Goggle

Nightvision Aviator Snow Goggle

Evolution Aviator Snow Goggle

Tracks Aviator Snow Goggle

Lime Aviator Snow Goggle

Aura Aviator Snow Goggle

Storm Chaser Aviator Snow Goggle

Blue Triangles Aviator Snow Goggle

Black & Chrome Aviator Snow Goggle
Black Fire Aviator Snow Goggle
Dollar Bill Aviator Snow Goggle
Carbon Fiber Aviator Snow Goggle
White Aviator Snow Goggle
Nightvision Aviator Snow Goggle
Pink Splash Aviator Snow Goggle
Frost Aviator Snow Goggle
Chris Burandt Signature Series Aviator Snow Goggle
Dan Adams Signature Series Aviator Snow Goggle
Chris Brown Signature Series Aviator Snow Goggle


Brent DeBruine

Date: 12/17/2014


I ordered these goggles and they came in a very short time! However, the lenses had a defect in them, seemed to be a mold defect. I called 509 immediately and they were VERY helpful. I explained what looked to be a mold defect and they immediately wanted to fix the problem. They asked for my address and what lens type it was and I told them. With no further questions, they immediately mailed replacement lenses out and I got them within about a week. Their customer service was outstanding, and the new lenses and new goggles fit in my helmet excellently. I highly recommend this product.

Robb Soliday

Date: 11/17/2012


Got the Pink Aviators for the wife. These have to be the best goggles I've ever seen. She will be very happy. Thanks 509 you have awesome gear, wish you would add jackets & pants to match our helmets and aviators.

Ben Cortese

Date: 09/19/2011


Very happy with these goggles, they fit really nicely around your face with lots of padding, and the multiple vents on the face of the lens allow for lots of airflow that eliminates fogging. Like any goggle they will fog up if you wear them while digging out, but as soon as you are moving again, they clear right up. Great goggle!

Reuben Hastings

Date: 12/09/2010


I have owned many goggles and finally found a pair that fits. These goggles seal around my nose unlike any pair I have owned. In the past all the other goggles would leave a gap in the corners of my nose and when doing 90 XC racing down the river this was a concern. No fogging issues what so ever in all temps and humidity and the peripheral vision is by far the best, almost like they aren't there. The nose piece is a plus as I don't have to use duck tape anymore. 509 keep up the good work Reuben

Clint Deardorff

Date: 06/24/2010


The best goggles I've ever owned, period! I ride every day in the winter as a backcountry guide and I used to have a big issue with moisture on the inside of the lens from sweating and also problems with fogging up. These goggles have never had either issue for me whether it's 10 degrees or 45 on a spring ride. Also folks at 509 take care of you. I took a tree branch to the face and ruined my first lens so I took it with me to the hillclimbs in Jackson and the people at their booth replaced it for free, no questions asked! Great Goggles and Great Customer Service!

Todd Wallace

Date: 01/18/2010


I ordered and received a pair last week, just in time for a weekend _ trip. It was very humid in Michigan this past weekend and I never had a _ fogging issue while riding or stopped. No skin exposure due to lack of _ foam (which I experienced with my old Oakley’s). _ _ *They performed flawlessly !!!!* _ _ Thanks for a great product with fast shipping, _ _ **Todd Wallace**

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